3 Legged Thing's Leo is the first ever professional micro-traveler. Packing an unprecedented level of functionality and capability, Leo transcends the divide between compact travel and professional tripod systems. Gritty, determined, and anti-establishment, Leo challenges the very fabric of our understanding of conventional tripod technology. Construction - Leo is precision engineered with aircraft-grade Magnesium Alloy and 3LT's own 100% Pure Stealth Carbon Fiber. 8 layers of tightly woven carbon, uniquely constructed without gimmicks or patterns for optimum weight to strength ratio. Dynamic Range - Leo's unique, modular design enables this incredible tripod to fold to just 13.75 inches (35cm), but still extend to a workable height. Paralock System - 3 Legged Thing's unique parallel locking system prevents accidental disassembly, and provides further stability and better grip. It also makes maintenance and general upkeep simple. Modular Technology - 3 Legged Thing's unique, modular technology, enables users to utilize infinite configurations. The possibilities are extraordinary. As with all 3 Legged Thing tripods, Leo has a detachable leg, with standard 3/8" threads at both ends. This enables use as a monopod, or a microphone boom, selfie stick, camera boom arm and many other functions.
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Width: 5.00
Height: 5.00
Depth: 15.00

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