The Bowens Creo 2400 Generator is an ideal source for photographers who need a great deal of power with very fast recycling and intuitive control features. The Creo features two flash head outlets with 2 discrete digital readouts in f/stops from 1.0 - 10. Power is variable in 1.0 stop increments or as fine as 1/10 stop for exacting work. The symmetrical/asymmetrical power distribution allows you to pump full power from a single channel for large light banks or assign 1,200W/s to each channel to ratio your light. The Creo 2400 delivers its output in a remarkably fast 0.9 seconds at full power and even smaller fractions of a second at partial power with flash durations from to 1/1,500 to 1/ 5,000 sec for extreme stop-action shooting. You can fire about 1,000 full power per hour. When you're working it that hard multiple fans kick in to keep it cool.

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