The Small Travelpak Battery System Kit is an ideal way to take Bowens studio quality lighting into the field. The kit includes a Travelpak Control Panel, small Travelpak Battery, a carry case with shoulder strap, 2 Gemini to Travelpak cables, a universal battery charger and an international plug set. The Travelpack can supply 2 flash heads with up to 1500Ws each for a total of 3000Ws of flash power. With one head it can deliver up to 375 200Ws flashes with a recycle time of 2 seconds on a 6 hour charge. Additionally, the battery is hot-swappable. When it reaches exhaustion simply separate it from the control panel and switch it for a freshly charged one. You can recharge anywhere in the world, thanks to the kit's universal charger and international plug set.

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Width: 8.80 (in)
Height: 7.90 (in)
Depth: 12.50 (in)

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