The Conquest HD5 5-25x50 with Rapid-Z 1000 ballistic reticle offers a compact, lightweight design that is shorter than many 3-12x scopes of today. The Rapid-Z 1000 ballistic reticle, which should be used with a.308 caliber rifle for bench rest or tactical use, provides holdover lines that allow shooters to place precise shots out to 1000 yards. The lockable target turret comes as standard and makes compensation easier than ever before. The Rapid-Z 1000 ballistic reticle, optimized for the.308-caliber for tactical or bench rest shooting, provides numbered holdover lines allowing the shooter to place precise shots on targets out to 1000 yards. The HD5 comes with a lifetime warranty and 5 year no fault policy. This German engineered scope is very durable, rugged and precise.

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