Kodak Professional Polymax T Developer | Liquid - 1 Quart Bottle

SKU:  KOD5160452-WEB
MFR:  5160452
UPC:  041771388355

Product Highlights
  • Liquid Developer Concentrate
  • For Tray-Processing Black & White Prints
  • Neutral to Cold Tone
  • For Both Fiber and Resin Coated Papers
  • Long Shelf Life

This 32 oz bottle of Kodak Polymax T Developer is a liquid concentrate developer design for tray-processing of both fiber and resin-coated black and white prints. It is a neutral-tone developer, however will also produce cold tones when used with specific cold or cool tone papers. When unopened, the shelf life is nearly indefinite, and as a liquid concentrate dilution is simple at a recommended ratio of 1:9.

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