Ilford HP5 Plus Black & White Print Film 4 x 5" - 25 Sheets

SKU:  ILF1629172-WEB
MFR:  1629172
UPC:  019498629174

Product Highlights
  • High Speed ISO 400 Film
  • Medium Contrast
  • Wide Exposure Latitude
  • Fine Grain
  • Good Shadow Detail and Mid-Tones
  • Fine for All Lighting Conditions
  • Pushable to ISO 3200
  • Suitable for Action and Press Photos

This is a 25 sheet box of Ilford HP5 PLUS 4x5" Black & White Print Film. It is a high speed, ISO 400 B&W film that is pushable to 3200. The film produces fine grain and sharp images under a wide variety of lighting scenarios. It is generally used for action, press, and general purpose photography. HP5 PLUS is compatible with all major processing systems, including those which support standard short fixing and washing times.

  • Pushable to ISO 3200
  • Produces high-quality prints even when rated with higher Exposure Index
  • Compatible with all major processing systems

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