Archival Methods 86-1620 Crystal Clear Bags | 16.44 x 20.25" - 100 Pack

This 100-pack of 8.25 x 10.1" of Archival Methods Crystal Clear Bags is made to store and protect photographs, flat art, and other types of documents against fingerprints during handling. The bags will also accommodate matted prints up to 0.38" thick.

The Crystal Clear Bag is made from a 1.5 mil biaxially oriented polypropylene that emits very low static charges, thus, not attracting any dust particles. The 1.5" flap also ensures that no outside contaminants get inside the bag by sealing it with the resealable adhesive strip located on the body of the bag. Because the adhesive strip is on the body of the bag, prints can be inserted or removed without the worry of a print getting stuck to the adhesive strip and causing any damage. The optically clear bags are safe and acid-free, which makes them suitable for long-term storage.

  • 1.5 mil biaxially oriented crystal clear polypropylene
  • 1.5" flap with a resealable adhesive strip on the body of the bag
  • Fits matted prints or materials up to 0.38" thick
  • Bag emits a low electrostatic charge, which attracts less dust and fewer contaminants
  • The bag is safe and acid-free, which makes it suitable for long-term storage