Audio-Technica AT8451(WH) Microphone Hanger Adapter

Audio-Technica's AT8451 Wire Hanger Adapter for Overhead Microphones (White) provides a unique way to position hanging microphones suspended by nothing more than their connecting cable. The Wire Hanger Adapter has two coiled ends: one that cradles your mic while the other end hugs your cable. In between is a flexible section that can be bent to any useful angle. This Wire Hanger has a white finish. Useful accessories include:

AT8534 Wall/Ceiling Plate Power Module

Flexible Positioning

  • The supportive steel hanger can aim your mic in almost any direction thanks to its pliant mid-section.

Strong and Stable

  • The sturdy steel accessory will keep its shape once you position it

Optional Plate Power Module

  • If you're using a Wire Hanger in a permanent installation, consider adding the AT8534 Wall/Ceiling Plate Power Module that can supply dedicated phantom power to your condenser mic.