Behringer Monitor2USB Speaker and Headphone Monitor Control + 2 x 20ft Structure XLR Cables + K&M Micro Fiber Cloth Bundle

The Behringer Monitor2USB is a monitor controller and USB audio interface designed for home and project studios. It pairs a large VCA control knob for your overall output level with the ability to select among three sets of active studio monitors, as well as two sets of headphones. With its USB jack, you can connect your computer straight to the device so that you may play music from your digital library, or you can mix straight from your DAW. Through its XLR inputs, you can route analog sound, balanced or unbalanced.

The VCA amplifier provides several benefits. For example, it allows DC current to flow through the volume control, rather than the audio signal, and thus, bypasses any DC-related signal degradation. This also helps in making sure your stereo image doesn’t drift as you crank the volume knob; anyone who’s experienced in monitor controllers knows this can be a problem—a problem mitigated in the Monitor2USB. The volume knob itself is quite large, and this too serves a function: Such a large size allows for more precision as you turn the control, so you can achieve minutely specific level adjustments, which might be necessary as you switch from monitoring post-production projects to music mixes.

You can use its three sets of outputs in a variety of ways—for instance, you can hook up two monitors and a subwoofer, or three sets of monitors, one of which can serve as your dedicated mono check. On the headphone outputs, a crossfeed control mimics the stereo experience of sitting in front of your speakers by feeding a miniscule amount of signal from the right to the left and vice versa. Amongst other benefits, this feature helps mitigate ear fatigue over long sessions. Mono and Dim buttons are on hand to help you in the mixing process. Included with the Monitor2USB are a power cable and a full, complimentary copy of Tracktion—a DAW to help you in your recording, editing, and mixing journeys.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Large volume knob with VCA control for precise level adjustments
  • Built-in stereo USB audio interface
  • 2 high-quality stereo inputs
  • 3 independent monitor outputs to connect two stereo monitors and one mono monitor
  • 2 headphone amplifiers with separate volume controls
  • Crossfeed control emulates the stereo speaker panorama when listening through your headphones
  • Convenient Mono and Dim functions
  • Included eco-friendly power supply
  • Designed and engineered in Germany