EXPIRED - FUJI 01010373 Super HG Camera Film - 1600 ISO (36 exp.)

The fastest multi-purpose color negative film in the SUPERIA line. The ultrahigh speed of this film makes it perfect for compact zoom lens cameras, and it offers remarkable results in flash photography under low light conditions. FUJICOLOR SUPERIA 1600 [CU] is a daylight-type ISO 1600 color negative film that incorporates 4th Color Layer and the newly developed Nano-structured Sigma Grain Technology to achieve high image quality when printed on FUJICOLOR papers. Excellent Grain Quality - Highly uniform fine grain, regardless of the film's ultrahigh speed Ultrahigh Speed - High suitability for low-light environments, such as indoor home scenes, wedding ceremonies, parties, stage performances, sunset and night scenes, as well as fast action, sports scenes, night-sky photography, and press photography Wide Exposure Latitude - Remarkable results in bright surroundings such as in outdoor photography under clear skies, providing good image depth and high fidelity even if underexposed Vibrant, Natural Color Reproduction - Vibrant and dynamic reds, blues, and yellows. Violets and a variety of greens with enhanced fidelity. Excellent Sharpness - Extremely sharp depiction of all aspects of the subject, from overall form to textural details Excellent Exposure Suitability even under Fluorescent Lighting - Accurate color reproduction even under fluorescent lights Less Than