Kodak Professional T-Max RS Black & White Film Developer & Replenisher | Liquid - To Make 50 Liters

The Kodak Professional T-MAX RS Developer and Replenisher is a moderately active, hydroquinone-based, liquid concentrate developer and replenisher for use with black and white negative roll and sheet film. After each use, the working solution can be saved and subsequently replenished using the same stock solution, making it well-suited to large tank development and high volume workflows.

This developer's characteristics include the ability to produce high shadow detail with excellent tonal reproduction, and it is suitable for normal development or push-processing.

Hydroquinone-based two-part developer designed for large tanks and replenished systems, and can be used in un-replenished systems as well.

The mixed solution can be used as a working solution or as a replenisher; eliminating the need for separate replenisher or starter concentrates.

  • Good shadow detail and tonal range.
  • Suitable for normal or push-processing.
  • For use with both roll and sheet film.
  • Excellent storage characteristics for both the concentrate and working solution.
  • Two-part concentrate makes 50 L of working solution.