Lee Filters Master Location Pack


The Lees Filters Master Location Pack contains practically everything you need to handle any lighting situation. CTO to convert daylight to tungsten, CTB to convert tungsten to daylight, greens to match fluorescent tubes and a wide variety of effects filters to add colour to backgrounds and accent lights. Plus Lee Filters' most popular diffusions, scrim and black foil.

Key Features
In the Box
  • Lee Filters Master Location Pack
  • 2 x Sheets of: Double C.T. Blue (200), Full C.T. Blue (201), Half C.T. Blue (202), Quarter C.T. Blue (203), Full C.T. Orange (204), Half C.T. Orange (205), Quarter C.T. Orange (206), White Diffusion (216), Half White Diffusion (250), Quarter White Diffusion (251), & 0.6ND (210)
  • 1 x Sheets of: Congo Blue (181), Mauve (126), Lee Fluorescent Green (219), Half Plus Green (245), Lee Plus Green (244), JAS Green (738), Primary Red (106), Cosmetic Rouge (187), Cosmetic Highlight (188), Lee Scrim (270), Black Foil (280), Durham Daylight Frost (720), Soft Amber Key 2 (775), & Moroccan Frost (791)