Promaster CT75K CINE Tripod Kit


Shoot steady video with smooth, professional-looking pans, tilts, and sweeps using the PROMASTER CT75K CINE TRIPOD KIT. The double-truss, collapsible legs are incredibly stable while reaching an amazing max. height of 6’ when full opened (including the head). A mid-level spreader can be set to one of two positions to achieve a wider stance or maximum height. The bottom of each leg has two rubber tips which can be removed to expose steel spikes. Also included with this kit are 3 large rubber footprints (padded feet) which increase the surface area of the tripod’s footing for maximum stability. The CH75 CINE HEAD is connected to the legs using an industry-standard 75mm bowl system. Twist the handle and move the head around until you find a level position. This only takes seconds and the bubble levels on the head assure accuracy. A level head means you will get beautiful sweeping pans and professional-looking camera movements. The tilting and panning mechanisms are robust and especially smooth to ensure soft, even starts and stops to your movements, even with heavier cameras. Atop the CH75 head you will find the ProMaster dovetail quick release system (arca-swiss compatible), which works with a host of ProMaster accessories as well as many other industry-standard products. The included plate is extra-long so you can slide it to find the best balance point for your camera. Once you do, record the number from the scale on top of the head so you can set up the same camera even faster next time. The CH75 head also has an accessory attachment port (3/8” threaded). This makes it easy to connect all kinds of accessories, especially an arm and external video monitor.

Key Features
  • Maximum Working Height: 71 1/4" / 181 cm
  • - Minimum Working Height: 31 5/8" / 80.3 cm
  • Folded Length: 34 5/8" / 88 cm
  • Maximum Load: 22 lbs / 10 kg
  • Weight: 10 lbs 3 3/8 oz / 4.63 kg
In the Box
  • Promaster CT75K CINE Tripod Kit
  • CT75 Tripod Legs
  • CH75 Cine Head
  • 7090 Quick Release Plate
  • 3 Footprint Pads
  • Carry Case