Promaster Mini Directional Microphone SGM2


The ProMaster SGM2 is a compact, directional microphone that focuses on sound where it is pointed. It works with cameras, camcorders, recorders, smartphones, tablets, computers and more. The SGM2 uses a reliable design which requires no batteries and sports an aluminum housing. Using plug-in-power it provides excellent sound that is superior to a built-in mic. Its shockmount offers a cold foot and 1/4"-20 threaded port. It is a convenient way to mount the mic to a camera, bracket, light stand, clamp, and more. Two styles of wind screen (foam and furry) are included to ensure the best audio in a variety of conditions This kit is stored and protected in a very nice semi-rigid case. This kit also includes 3 different, coiled audio cables making it highly adaptable to use with a variety of recording devices from cameras to phones and more. Each audio cable in the kit is labeled on each side so you know exactly what the connector is for. - The 3.5mm TRS cable fits most cameras, camcorders, and recorders. -The 2.5mm TRS cable fits camers using a smaller 2.5mm connector, like some Fuji cameras do. - The 3.5mm TRRS cable works with a variety of smartphones, tablets, and computers.