Rollei 120 Digibase CN200 Pro Color Negative Film | Single Roll Unboxed


This is a roll of 120 Digibase CN200 Pro Color Negative Film from Rollei. It is a medium speed, medium format, unmasked color negative film designed for general photographic purposes. Its unmasked quality eliminates the orange dye mask found in other films. It demonstrates excellent grain and a high degree of sharpness and will also produce consistent tonality throughout its exposure range. It is processed in standard C-41 chemistry. The wide exposure latitude (+/- 1 stop) gives it an edge over similar films and permits it to be used under a wide variety of lighting scenarios and weather conditions. The film has been manufactured with special coatings that minimize its potential for scratches and anti-static flaws. A no curling layer holds it flat and also bolsters its ability to limit scratches. Newton rings are reduced by another coating that is added to the film. The polyester film base gives the resulting negatives a tear-proof quality and a life expectancy of approximately 500 years.

Key Features
  • ISO 200
  • Medium Speed Medium Format Film
  • Excellent Resolution, Grain, Sharpness
  • Excellent Tonality Across Spectrum
  • Good Scanning Characteristics
  • Wide Exposure Latitude; +/- 1 Stop
  • Polyester Base, Tear-Proof
  • Life Expectancy of 500 Years
  • Special Coating Minimizes Newton Rings
  • Good Anti-Static Quality
In the Box
  • Rollei 120 Digibase CN200 Pro Color Negative Film | Single Roll Unboxed