Savage Air Flow Tech Table Complete Kit - Black TTK1518

The Air Flow Tech Table Complete Kit from Savage offers a suite of accessories to help photographers get started with tethered photography or simply use a portable, stable laptop platform. The kit includes an Air Flow Tech Table, rugged tripod, and several useful accessories. The table itself provides a stable base for any laptop, and is designed to enhance workflow efficiency for photographers tethered to their laptop on-site or in the studio. The table features over 45 ventilated slots and aluminum construction, which work to draw heat away from the laptop via thermal conduction. With your laptop running cooler, this can allow for a more efficient photo shoot. The table is covered in a scratch-resistant, matte black powder coat finish. A touch-fastened laptop strap is included to ensure that your computer won't slip or slide during your shoot. Plus, the modular design of the table allows you to use it with Savage's compatible accessories. A carry bag for the table is included to allow for easy setup, takedown and transport. The table is able to hold a maximum weight of 20 pounds.