SHAPE Bundle Rig and Follow Focus Pro Kit for Sony FS5/FS5M2 Camera

The SHAPE Bundle Rig and Follow Focus Pro Kit comes with a baseplate, a Quick Handle Rod Block, a Mini Composite Shoulder Pad, a Composite Shoulder Pad, Follow Focus Pro, and 8" 15mm aluminum rods for use with the Sony PXW-FS5 or FS5M2 camera.

The baseplate comes with rubber pads at the top so the FS5/FS5M2 doesn't sit directly on the aluminum. The baseplate fits 15mm standard rods which are secured with a red ratchet knob screw. A pair of 10" 15mm rods is included. It is ideal for drone and gimbal applications, and is designed with a lightweight system for mounting any standard 15mm accessories.

The Quick Handle Rod Bloc is a professional video stabilization accessory with two camera handles, each providing an individual rotation angle of 360°. You can attach the handle to the camera platform using a simple screw knob.

The Mini Composite Shoulder Pad is a padded and comfort-shaped shoulder pad for the back of your camera rig. Outfitted with a 15mm mount SHAPE Rod Bloc, the pad attaches right onto a pair of 15mm rods, slides into the best position on them, and tightens in place by a lever.

The Composite Shoulder Pad is a component of the SHAPE F3 Composite Support Rig, and is intended for use with larger sized cameras.

The Follow Focus Pro mounts on 15mm rods and features an adjustable arm which puts the gear at the optimal position for the lens, no matter its diameter. The unit snaps onto 15mm rods, allowing for quick attachment, removal, and repositioning. Two 0.8 pitch gears come included and give you a choice of either 28 or 43 teeth, depending on the throw distance of the lens.

The 8" 15mm aluminum rods connect to and extend your camera rig, allowing you to add various SHAPE and third-party compatible accessories.