Slik - Pro AL-323BH4 w/ SBH-400 ball head

The matte black Slik Pro AL-323BH4 Tripod with SBH-400 Triple Action Ball Head is a three-section support that is always ready to travel. With its flip leg locks and two-section center column, the tripod's height can be rapidly adjusted to its maximum of 63.2", collapsing just as quickly to a folded length of 23.6". The center column is reversible, but you can even get closer to the ground via the Rapid Flip Mechanism, which allows you to lower the 3.5 lb tripod with fast and easy independent leg-angle adjustments. A threaded port is located on the side of the tripod collar for photo or video accessories. The included Arca-type SBH-400 triple action ball head has an independent pan lock for 360° rotation, a tension control knob to increase drag on the ball movement, and a main ball-locking knob that controls the entire movement of the ball. The ball head has a load capacity of 8.8 lb and includes a 6057 quick release plate.