Sony Xperia 10 Plus I3223 64GB Smartphone (Unlocked, Black)

Put a mobile cinematic experience in the palm of your hand with the Xperia 10 Plus I3223 64GB Smartphone from Sony. Somehow, Sony's engineers have managed to design a phone that's meant to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, yet provides you with a huge, picturesque 6.5" Full HD+ display that features a theater-like 21:9 wide aspect ratio. The size of the screen is not just ideal for streaming movies and videos. You can optimize productivity with multi-tasking apps, or experience immersive mobile gameplay.

Not only can the Xperia 10 Plus display 21:9 wide content, but it can record it as well. The Xperia 10 Plus's dual rear 12MP and 8MP camera system can record 21:9 content, 4K UHD video, stunning hi-res still images, and portraits with smooth bokeh for professional-quality results. On the flip side, your social media needs are covered with an 8MP front camera which can also produce pro-style bokeh selfies.

Running the Android 9.0 Pie operating system, this phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor and 4GB of RAM. You can store your 21:9 masterpieces, bokeh-rich selfies, and more on 64GB of built-in storage, which can be expanded via an (optional) microSD card up to 512GB in size. This phone is unlocked and compatible with GSM/4G LTE networks.

Android 9.0 Pie

The Android operating system integrates heavily with Google's services. It's a personalized and customizable OS, allowing you to add your favorite apps or widgets to your home screen. You can even download new themes using the Google Play Store, which offers access to millions of apps, games, books, music, movies, and more. Android 9.0 Pie adds a variety of predictive capabilities, navigation changes, and digital well-being enhancements that let you take control of your Android experience. By learning how you use your phone over time, Pie will automatically adjust certain features for you, such as battery usage and display brightness. With App Actions, Pie uses what it learns to get you to your next task quickly. For example, plug in your headphones and Pie will automatically bring up your last playlist. With Dashboard and App Timers, Pie lets you see your phone usage in detail, allowing you to set timers and reminders so you can better manage the time you spend using your smartphone.

GSM / 4G LTE Wireless Connectivity

This phone is designed to work on select GSM networks and is 4G LTE capable. LTE is an advanced cellular network data protocol capable of data speeds so fast that they compete with wired broadband Internet providers. With an LTE connection, this phone should have no problem streaming HD video, downloading apps, uploading photos, or anything else that requires a high-speed data connection. The phone is also backwards compatible with 3G and 2G data for instances when you can't get LTE. In addition to cellular wireless, this phone also features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Note: Not compatible with all cellular networks. Please make sure your provider uses a frequency or band that this phone supports. You can check which bands this phone works with in the Specifications.

High Resolution Audio

Smartphones are usually about the visuals, and the Xperia 10 Plus is no exception, but Sony has paid close attention to your audio experience as well. With the support for high-res audio and DSEE HX, Sony engineered this smartphone to be capable of reproducing digital tracks that are similar to their original recordings.