SPRINT Alum Hardening Converter 4 Liters


The Record Alum Hardening Converter from Sprint Systems is designed to add a layer of protection to films or to paper emulsions that can be easily damaged.

Unhardened emulsions can be scratched when wet or absorb moisture when dry. Adding Record Alum Hardener to your fixer will toughen the emulsion to be more resistant to scratching and water absorption, and will increase the archival permanence of your print or film. For paper, every liter of hardener converts 66.6 liters of diluted 1:9 fixer into a working solution. For film, it converts 33.3 liters of diluted 2:8 fixer into a working solution for every liter of hardener added.

Key Features
  • Suitable for Film or Paper
  • Adds a Layer of Protection to Emulsions
  • Increases Archival Permanence
In the Box
  • SPRINT Alum Hardening Converter 4 Liters