SteadePod Camera Stabilizer for Still or Video Cameras


With the SteadePod you always have your tripod with you in your pocket, even in places where the use of a regular tripod is not allowed or inconvenient, such as in museums or when hiking. The SteadePod stabilizes your camera and that way prevents the risk of shaky pictures, e.g. when working with long exposure times in poor light conditions. The SteadePod is well-suited both for DSLRs as well as compact cameras. It is extremely compact and weighs only approx. 85g, so it fits into every camera bag and even in your pocket. The SteadePod works with a simple but brilliant principle. Similar to a measuring tape, you pull the wire rope out of the casing and lock it at the desired length. Now you place the foot pad under your shoe. When you pull the camera up and the wire rope is therefore under tension, the camera is fixed in its vertical position and can be held steadily. The SteadePod can be extended steplessly up to a length of approx. 180cm and is therefore flexibly adjustable to your height. With the foot pod you can pinch the wire rope under your shoe, but you can also use the built-in hook to attach the pod to your belt or belt loop. Additionally, the SteadePod can be turned, e.g. it is very easy to switch between portrait and landscape formats.

Key Features
  • device for steadying the camera
  • fits both DSLRs and compact cameras
  • ideal for use in museums, when hiking, etc.
  • extremely compact and lightweight
  • can be extended up to approx. 180cm and locked at any length
In the Box
  • SteadePod Camera Stabilizer for Still or Video Cameras