Syrp Aluminum Product Turntable (8 Inch)

Meant to be used with the Genie Mini time-lapse rotator, the 8" Aluminum Turntable Platform from Syrp has a cheese-plate design with several 1/4"-20 taps in its surface for securing products weighing up to 8.8 lb. Thanks to the taps, you can use the Genie/Turntable combination upside down or mounted to the wall. Mounted to the Genie Mini, the turntable will make a 360-degree rotation in 33 seconds. The Turntable Platform ships with a white and a black cardboard background disk. A downloadable template is available on Syrp's website for do-it-yourself mounting setups.

Product Hightlights
  • 8.8 lb Load Capacity
  • 1/4"-20 UNC Mounting Points
  • Cheese-Plate Style Mounting Holes
  • Used with the Syrp Genie Mini