Think Tank Photo EP-10 Hydrophobia Eyepiece for Canon 1Ds MII/1D MII/5D/5D MII/50D/60D/60Da/Rebel Series/Sony A900/A700

The EP-10 Hydrophobia Eyepiece for Canon 1D / 50D/ 60D / Rebel Series DSLR Cameras from Think Tank Photo is a required watertight accessory for your Hydrophobia rain cover. It allows you to see through the camera's eyepiece once the rain cover is installed. The EP-10 eyepiece is CNC machined out of Delrin acetal resin and features high-density foam padding. It clicks into place so you know it's sealed and secure.

Camera Compatibility

Canon 1Ds Mk II, 1D Mk II, 50D, 60D, 60Da and Rebel Series

Hydrophobia Compatibility

300-600 V2.0, 70-200 and Flash 70-200 rain covers