Used Phase One 645DF+ With Phase One IQ140 Back

The Phase One 645DF+ camera is a versatile camera platform for high-end Medium Format photography. This camera offers you unparalleled control, performance, precision and reliability and lets you focus on creativity.

The mirror and viewfinder of the Phase One 645DF+ camera are almost three times larger than those of 35mm cameras, providing much greater control of focus and composition.

While boasting a complete list of features and custom functions, the Phase One 645DF+ camera is extremely easy to use. All settings important to the exposure are easily controlled by manual dials and soft buttons.

Add an optional V-Grip Air for vertical shooting and enjoy a built-in wireless flash trigger for the Profoto Air system. The V-Grip Air also easily integrates with other flash systems using a Profoto Tranceiver for 1/1600s sync speed.