Westcott uLite LED Green Screen Photo Lighting Kit

With everything you need to shoot and edit green screen photos, the uLite LED Green Screen Photo Lighting Kit from Westcott is a complete solution for aspiring photographers who wish to expand their current tool set. The stars are the uLite 500W Edison-style fixtures which accept the 35W daylight LED bulbs to produce bright, highly color-accurate light with a CRI of 95 for illuminating your subject. These bulbs also come supplied with tungsten covers to transform quickly from daylight to tungsten balance, and can be used in the two included 20 x 20" collapsible softboxes for a softer, more flattering look. Working behind the scenes is a 9 x 10' wrinkle-resistant chroma-key green backdrop that works with the PhotoKey Lite software package to make it quick and easy to replace the background with a variety of alternative imagery and locations. And, there are two 6.5' light stands included for setting up the fixtures.