Zoom AC-2 Acoustic Creator Pedal

Geared for acoustic guitar players in amplified contexts, the AC-2 Acoustic Creator from Zoom is a DI which aims to recreate the natural sound of your guitar, restoring the tone that’s inevitably lost through using conventional acoustic pickups. The pedal features 16 source presets, so whether your axe is a dreadnought or a parlor guitar, this device has the right sonic signature for you. You can even select presets for upright bass, nylon-string guitars, and 12-string instruments.

An onboard toggle lets you choose between magnetic and piezo, thereby tailoring the pedal’s mechanics for each type of system. A three-band equalizer helps you balance the tone of your instrument, while reverb, adjustable volume, anti-feedback control, and a built-in tuner are boons as well. There’s even a boost switch to give you up to 9 dB of gain during lead breaks or solos. Moreover, whichever tone you choose, the high-quality, low-noise preamp will help you achieve a lush and resonant sound. The prominent volume knob controls both input gain and output level, eliminating the guesswork in matching sound levels.

A standard instrument input is provided for connecting to the pedal. For outputs, you can either used the balanced XLR jack, or if stereo sound is required, the dual 1/4” connections will get you to your destination. This routing facilitates use with amplifiers, mixers, interfaces, and even headphones, as one of the 1/4" jacks doubles as a headphone output for monitoring your sound right from the DI. Power is available via the included power supply, through batteries, or over USB.