CineStill Film 800 Tungsten High Speed (ISO 800) Color Film | 35mm Roll Film, 36 Exposures

CineStill film is the amazing technology of motion picture film, prepped and rolled for still photography. CineStill 800Tungsten is a unique film for still photographers. This 800 speed tungsten balanced color negative film is prepared from the same motion picture film stock used by top cinematographers around the world. This film is designed for difficult low light tungsten situations and may be used in many different lighting situations to achieve a variety of looks. CineStill's rem-jet "Removal" makes this motion picture ( ECN2) film safe to process in standard C-41 photo lab machines or at home and the results are beyond that of any other films available to photographers. This emulsion is optimized for a hybrid workflow, ideal for scanning. Treat this film as a high speed 800 ISO film when processing in C-41 and push process whenever needed up to 3200 ISO. CineStill film is ideal for use with tungsten/incandescent light, fluorescent light and tungsten light mixed with either fluorescent or limited daylight. Recommended ISO and acceptable exposure for push processing: ISO 800 - No push - EI 200-1600 ISO 1250 - 1 stop push - EI 800-2000 ISO 1600 - 2 stop push - EI 1250-3200 ISO 3200 - 3 stop push - EI 1600-3200 (added contrast)