Benro Aero6 Pro Travel Video Tripod Aluminum with S6Pro Fluid Video Head

The A3883 Reverse-Folding Aluminum Travel Tripod with S6Pro Fluid Video Head from Benro features a highly compact travel tripod that can be converted to a monopod, and a compact fluid head with a 65mm flat base that allows moving the head directly to most sliders, jibs, and other support gear. The head supports up to 13.2 lb loads and offers 5+0 steps of counterbalance. The tripod has a center column with a leveling adapter on the end that allows you to adjust the angle of the fluid head without having to readjust the tripod legs. The combination of the reverse-folding design and center column allows the tripod to have a max height of 72" (with the head attached) while being able to fold to a very compact size. Furthermore, the tripod legs are able to spread wide to provide a low-angle minimum height of only 13.4" (also with the head attached). With rubber feet and spikes underneath them, the tripod can be used on virtually all surfaces. To convert it to a monopod, the center column is used as the core component. One of the legs of the tripod unscrews from the tripod and secures to the center column, and together the two form a fully functioning monopod.

The S6Pro head features continuous pan and tilt drag and has independent pan and tilt locks. The tilt range is a wide +90/-75°, and the pan range is a full 360°. Some parts of the head are made of magnesium and other parts of aluminum. Virtually the entire head, including its knobs, is made of robust yet lightweight metal.

A pan bar is included that can be attached to a rosette adapter on the left or right side of the head, for left- or right-handed users. A camera plate is included that can be adjusted forward/backward to let you find the optimal balance for your camera. A safety lock on the plate ensures that once mounted, the plate won't slip out if you move it too far in either direction. Two camera screws are supplied—1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16—that can be stored underneath the camera plate on the head itself, in dedicated slots. For attaching accessories, there's a 1/4"-20 threaded hole on each side of the head to which you can secure articulating arms.


S6Pro Fluid Head

  • 13.2 lb payload

  • 65mm flat base with a 3/8"-16 thread

  • Can also be mounted directly on most sliders, jibs, and monopods

  • 5+0 steps of counterbalance

  • Continuous pan and tilt drag

  • Independent pan and tilt locks

  • +90/-75° tilt range

  • 360° pan range

  • Made of magnesium and aluminum

  • Rosette adapters on the left and right side for attaching the included pan bar

  • Sliding camera plate with safety lock

  • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera screws included and can be stored in dedicated spaces on the top of the head, underneath the camera plate

  • Two 1/4"-20 threaded holes for accessories


A3883 Tripod

  • Reverse-folding travel tripod with a center column and leveling adapter

  • Convertible to a monopod with one of the tripod legs unscrewed and secured to the center column

  • Maximum height of 72" with the S6Pro attached

  • Low-angle minimum height of 13.4"

  • Spiked and rubber feet

  • Twist leg locks

  • Aluminum construction