CAD M179 Large-Diaphragm Multipattern Condenser Microphone


Thanks to its dual-diaphragm capsule design and special transformerless circuitry, the CAD M179 large-diaphragm multipattern condenser microphone provides extremely versatile pickup patterns, fast transient response, and very-low self-noise, rendering it a suitable main mic for vocals, voice-overs, and a variety of acoustic and amplified instruments. Not only does the mic offer a clean and open sound, but the included shockmount helps to eliminate extraneous vibration noises and the internal pop filter lessens breath and plosive sounds. Rather than having just a few polar patterns, the polar response of the M179 is continuously variable. This functionality enables the user to select cardioid, hypercardioid, subcardioid, figure-8, omnidirectional, or in-between patterns; the turn of a dial shifts the balance of directional focus and ambient pickup. Plus, there are switchable settings to impede distortion on loud sources (via the -20 pad) and control bass buildup (via the 100 Hz high-pass filter) for further optimization of the mic's sound. The M179 connects to an available XLR mic input that supplies 24 to 52 VDC phantom power.

The CAD M179 combines an advanced head amp design, extremely efficient power circuitry, and a vintage capsule design, resulting in superior transient response, low distortion, low noise, and high output level. This allows the M179 to have an open and clean sound that can serve virtually any project. The M179 features the dual-pattern version of the original Equitek e-300 capsule, an externally biased capsule with a gold-sputtered 1.1" diaphragm. Typical FET (field effect transistor) condenser microphones use discrete designs, which use individual transistors that must be carefully matched for proper characteristics. Even with careful matching, discrete designs are inherently nonlinear. M Series microphones use a different approach. They use advanced high-speed op-amps (operational amplifiers) rather than discrete FETs. These op-amps are individually laser trimmed for optimum performance and have very-high gain. This allows a large amount of negative feedback to be used to significantly reduce any non-linearity. Plus, the discrete high-efficiency power supply circuit enables greater dynamic range and lower self-noise. The pattern control knob on the M179 has a center detented cardioid position. This allows the user to quickly and consistently lock the mic in a "hard" cardioid pattern. By turning the knob clockwise from the center, the pattern varies continuously from cardioid to subcardioid to omnidirectional. By turning the knob counterclockwise from the center, the pattern varies continuously from cardioid to hypercardioid to bidirectional (figure-8). This allows the user to adjust to the optimal pattern needed for almost any recording or live situation.

A -20 dB pad switch provides additional headroom and an SPL handling rating of 143 dB. This is especially helpful if the microphone is going to be used on percussion or amplified electronic instruments because the high gain and wide bandwidth of the M179 microphone can easily overload the inputs of many professional mixing consoles if adequate precautions are not taken. A user-switchable high-pass filter eliminates noise and rumble below 100 Hz. The stainless steel internal pop/EMI filter helps reduce breath/plosive noises as well as electromagnetic interference. Being a true condenser microphone, the M179 can run on phantom power between 24 and 52 VDC.

Key Features
  • For Vocals, Voice-Overs & Instruments
  • Continuously Variable Polar Pattern Dial
  • Switchable -20 dB Pad
  • High-Pass Filter at 100 Hz
  • Shockmount Inhibits Vibration Noise
  • Dual 1.1" Gold-Sputtered Diaphragms
  • Fast Transient Response and Low Noise
  • Stainless Steel Internal Pop Filter
  • XLR 3-Pin Output Connector
  • Runs on 24 to 52 VDC Phantom Power
In the Box
  • CAD M179 Large-Diaphragm Multipattern Condenser Microphone
  • CAD MZM5 Elastic Suspension Microphone Shock Mount
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty