CAD PodMaster D Cardioid USB Microphone with Boom Arm


If you want an easy microphone for podcasting, live-streaming, vlogging, and more, the CAD PodMaster D is a suitable choice, as it records straight to your computer over USB, eliminating the need for any preamps, interfaces, or mixers. This is a front-address mic, meaning you speak into the microphone just like you've seen the pros do it in their broadcast studios. The mic comes furnished with an array of goodies to get you up and running right out of the box. Just attach the supplied boom arm to your desk, set the mic in the included mic clip on the boom arm, route the included USB cable from the mic to the computer, and you're ready to go. The PodMaster D even ships with a windscreen to minimize plosives during recording, so you always have a clear sound.

The mic, which is fashioned out of metal, offers a 20 Hz to 20 kHz full-range audio capture. The PodMaster D has a cardioid polar pattern to tamp down any extraneous room noise. This directional polar pattern is a great choice if you're working out of an untreated room. The dynamic capsule can also be said to aid in minimizing room noise, as its less sensitive to noise compared to a condenser microphone. The mic offers built-in echo cancellation, which will come in handy should you use the mic for VoIP. The mic offers a headphone jack for monitoring. Just plug a pair of headphones into the mic's 3.5mm jack, and you'll be able to listen to your audio in all its glory. Control the volume and mute the mic, right from the mic itself. The mic comes with a boom arm for clamping a stand to your table as well as a mic clip, a USB cable, and a windscreen.

Key Features
  • Gaming, Streaming & Podcast Mic
  • Record to Computers
  • 3.5mm Headphone Monitoring Jack
  • Cardioid Pickup for Minimizing Room
  • Built-In Echo Cancellation
  • Volume & Mute Controls
  • Bus-Powered over USB
  • Includes Boom Arm for Mounting
  • Includes Mic Clip
  • Includes USB Cable & Windscreen
In the Box
  • CAD PodMaster D Cardioid USB Microphone with Boom Arm
  • Boom Arm Stand
  • Mic Clip
  • Foam Windscreen
  • USB Cable (6.5')
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty