Chimera XS Video Pro Plus 1 Softbox | 16 x 22"


The Chimera XS Video Pro Plus 1 Softbox XS (16 x 22") is designed for use with a hotlight but may be used with flash as well. With fabric intended for the heat of a continuous light, the Extra Small Video Pro Plus 1 with silver interior is ideal for work in small spaces when medium softening of the light is desired. The 16x22 inch size is very portable, lightweight, and can be taken on location easily. The "Plus 1" designation of this softbox means the front face of the softbox is removable. Chimera makes different strengths of diffusion material for front face applications. This softbox comes with a one stop diffuser, (hence the "1" designation. Optional 1/2 and 1/4 grid cloths allow for more light transmission and also, less softening of the light.

Key Features
  • This size is suggested for headshots, talking-head interviews and smaller-than-a-breadbox product shots.
  • Recessed Front Face helps control light spill and facilitates the attachment of an optional fabric grid.
  • May be used with hot lights up to 750 Watts
  • May be used with strobes of any w/s rating.
In the Box
  • Chimera XS Video Pro Plus 1 Softbox | 16 x 22"
  • Black Storage Bag for Softbox
  • 4 x Poles
  • Interior Baffle
  • 1 Stop Front Diffusion Cloth with Touch Fastener Attachment
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty