CineStill Film °Cs 1000mL Mixing Jug/Pitcher


Intended for use with the Cinestill °Cs Temperature Control System TCS-1000, this °Cs 1000mL Mixing Jug/Pitcher is a simple vessel for mixing chemistry. While ideal for use in conjunction with the TCS-1000 and the Cs41 C-41 chemistry kit, due to its inclusion of specific developer and blix marking lines, it also has graduated measurements in mL and oz for any mixing need.

Key Features
  • Designed for Use with TCS-1000
  • Graduated Measurements in mL and oz
  • Dev. and Blix Markings for Cs41 C-41 Kit
In the Box
  • CineStill Film °Cs 1000mL Mixing Jug/Pitcher