Domke Film Guard Bag (X-Ray) | Small - Holds 15 Rolls of 35mm Film


Designed to protect unprocessed film from harmful X-rays during airport security and customs checks. Lead-lined bags also protect other sensitive media from the low-dosage X-ray machines used in airports around the world. Without Domke FilmGuard, unprocessed film can become fogged or streaked. UseFilmGuard in carry-on luggage, because checked luggage is exposed to high-dosage X-rays that FilmGuard cannot protect against.

FilmGuard bags were tested for effectiveness by InVision Technologies, Inc., manufacturers of the only Federal Aviation Administration-approved checked-luggage scanning system. Films with up to ISO 800 speeds were tested. The extensive tests showed that the FilmGuard design will protect film and disks from the low-dosage x-ray units used to check carry-on luggage. (The tests also showed that the amount of lead needed to protect film from high-dosage x-ray units would make the bags too heavy to be practical.)

Key Features
  • Triple-layer construction
  • lead-impregnated vinyl sheet sandwiched between an outer shell of ballistic nylon
  •  interior lining of smooth lining
In the Box
  • Domke Film Guard Bag (X-Ray) | Small - Holds 15 Rolls of 35mm Film