Flic Film Elektra 100 | 35mm Roll Film, 36 Exposures


Flic Film Elektra 100 is re-spooled Kodak Aerocolor IV color negative film, originally designed for aerial photography and reconnaissance. A fine-grained, medium-speed film with excellent acuity and true color rendition, Elektra 100 exhibits a wide exposure latitude and natural color reproduction in daylight conditions. A T-Grain emulsion is employed to achieve enhanced sharpness and resolution that make this film ideal for high-resolution scanning, and its design also provides 30nm-longer red sensitivity than previous aerial films for increased haze penetration and foliage reproduction, as well as increased green saturation and lower D-min values for fast printing times. It should be noted that in this version, the film has a tendency to let light travel up the leader and into the first three frames. Load in low light conditions.

Key Features
  • Color Negative 35mmFilm
  • ISO 100/21° in C-41 Process
  • Fine Grain, Natural Color Rendition
  • Wide Exposure Latitude
In the Box
  • Flic Film Elektra 100 | 35mm Roll Film, 36 Exposures