Fujifilm View Camera Adapter G


Effectively allowing you to use your FUJIFILM GFX 50S medium format mirrorless camera as a digital back, the View Camera Adapter G permits mounting the camera directly to the back of a 4 x 5" view camera body. This adapter comprises a G-type lens mount on a universal-type plate to enable the direct attachment of the digital camera to a view camera for working with perspective control movements and large format lenses. When in use, the GFX 50S can be triggered by either a lens-based shutter or the in-body focal plane shutter can be used for more precise exposure control.

Key Features
  • Mount GFX 50S to 4 x 5" View Camera Body
  • Universal Style Mounting Interface
  • Supports Lens or Body Shutter Triggering
In the Box
  • Fujifilm View Camera Adapter G