Godox XProL II TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Leica Cameras


The Godox ProII L Wireless Flash Trigger is the definitive dedicated transmitter for the Godox Family of Flash - The ultimate command center for Leica cameras to control Godox wireless system devices. Manage flash like never before. The proprietary ProII L presents expanded precision derived from the fabulous Godox Pro version. Naturally located Group buttons have direct level access at the left of the display panel. Built-in Bluetooth to the graphical GodoxPhoto Smartphone APP for remote operation has 328 foot/100-meter link. Plus, the newly fine-tuned smartphone APP endows the savvy Apple or Android mobile photographer with pure shooting pleasure, taking Godox technology one step further. Along with long-awaited single-pin non-automated triggering and multiple dual-purpose button assignments the list of novelty goes on. The trigger also links to the Sekonic L-858 Light Meter through the optional RT-GX radio module for direct transmission of measurements to the Godox ProII L. It is one of the Godox devices that will never stand vanquished by innovation. Custom designed and created - dynamic, direct access, dead-on control to every aspect of the linked Leica TTL flash. The breadth of capabilities suits the vision of every strobist on the quest for lighting excellence. Confident handling of precise control is the perfect complement to high-performance imaging.

Boasting sparkling innovations that make the art of photography more accessible than ever at the touch of a button, with improved 2 Way TCM - TTL to Manual settings and back again. TCM fusion overcomes the exposure fluctuations that may occur in TTL shooting by saving the proper exposure value to Manual settings for repeat capture accuracy. Flip between Manual and TTL without fear or anxiety. Enjoy exceptionally stable signal broadcast, direct info access with the brilliant backlit dot matrix LCD screen, displaying all 5 Groups simultaneously, the selective transmission of values to conserve energy, and extended multiple Group triggering. The ProII L transmitter provides a massive leap forward for DSLR photographers. The on-camera transmitter gives photographers the power to direct the entire Godox Family: Zoom Series speedlights, Lithium battery-powered eVOLV Series strobes, and every version of XPLOR monolights and AC Rapid and Studio monolights. Even the remote flash coverage of Zoom speedlights can be tweaked right from the  ProII L. Now,  Leica photographers can enjoy unparalleled flexibility and control over their multiflash strobist setups right from their DSLR. More than all this, the  ProII L provides Second Curtain Sync, HSS, high-speed synchronization, and remote modeling light status from the Leica camera menu system. The incredible range of these compact and lightweight units and their integrated functions and features make them the first choice of professional photographers. The proprietary TTL-enabled 2.4GHz Godox Radio Remote System radio triggers transmit atop any Leica DSLR, MSLR, or M Series body and work with the complete family of Godox Speedlights, Monolights, and Strobe lights with unrivaled Godox TTL radio transceiver built right in.

Key Features
  • Works with X Wireless Radio System
  • Compatible with Leica TTL
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Range: 328'
  • 32 Channels; 16 Groups; Wireless ID
  • Remote Power Control for Select Flashes
  • Backlit LCD Panel
  • High-Speed, 1st & 2nd Curtain Sync
  • 2.5mm Sync Port; USB Type-C Port
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
In the Box
  • Godox XProL II TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Leica Cameras
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty