Hoya 72mm YA3 Pro Orange Filter


The 72mm Hoya YA3 Pro Orange Filter can be used to increase image contrast when photographing using a film camera system with black-and-white film installed. This filter's effect corresponds to that of a Wratten 21 filter. Wavelengths of visible light that are apparent as green, blue, and violet colors to the human eye are suppressed, while visible light associated with yellow, orange, and red colors are able to more easily pass through the Hoya 72mm YA3 Pro Orange Filter and into the lens it is mounted in front of. When photographing with this filter along with black-and-white film, green, blue, and violet-colored subjects within a scene are reproduced in dark shades of gray than if a filter was not used. Simultaneously, yellow, orange, and red subjects are rendered in light shades of gray.

Key Features
  • Increases Black-and-White Contrast
  • Effect Corresponds to Wratten 21 Filter
  • Dark Shades from Green, Blue, Violet
  • Light Shades from Yellow, Orange, Red
  • Reduces Haze in Daylight
  • 2-Stop Reduction
  • Multicoated, Optical Glass Construction
  • 72mm Front Filter Threads
  • Aluminum-Alloy Filter Ring
  • Plastic Case
In the Box
  • Hoya 72mm YA3 Pro Orange Filter
  • Filter Case
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty