Hoya 58mm ProND-100000 Neutral Density 5.0 Solar Filter | 16.6 Stops

The 58mm ProND-100000 Neutral Density 5.0 Solar Filter from Hoya provides a 16.6-stop exposure reduction, and its 5.0 density creates a darkening of the entire image with a 0.001% transmittance that is effective for solar and solar eclipse photography. With this filter, users can capture photographs with a wider aperture or a slower shutter speed than normally required. The filter material provides an accurate neutral color rendition without any noticeable colorcast to the images, and its vapor-deposition application to the glass lens ensures an even and consistent layer. An aluminum-alloy filter ring holds the filter for durability while remaining lightweight.

This filter is designed specifically for photography applications. This filter is not suitable for direct solar viewing with the naked eye, including with optical viewfinders