Ilford SIMPLICITY Film Developer | 60mL Sachet, 5-Pack


Designed for convenience and ease of use, SIMPLICITY Film Developer from Ilford is a pre-measured portion of ILFOSOL 3 liquid concentrate developer, delivered in a single-use sachet. Each sachet contains 60mL of chemistry, which is then mixed with 540mL of water (1+9 dilution) at temperature to create a 600mL working solution for developing one roll of 120 or two rolls of 35mm film in a two-reel, 600mL developing tank.

Key Features
  • Develop 1x 120 or 2x 35mm Rolls of Film
  • ILFOSOL 3 B&W Film Developer Concentrate
  • Fine Grain and High Sharpness
  • Well-Suited for Medium-Speed Films
  • Measured for Dilution with 540mL Water
In the Box
  • Ilford SIMPLICITY Film Developer (60mL Sachet, 5-Pack)