NiSi Allure Soft White Filter | 77mm


The Allure Soft White Filter from NiSi diffuses and softens strong light entering the lens and produces a diffused glowing effect. This filter fits lenses with a 77mm filter thread, and it renders a soft, ethereal image with little loss of clarity or detail. This filter works by diffusing the light entering the lens with small particles; by spreading the light more evenly, a soft glow is created rather than the sharp, well-defined image when shooting without a filter. The soft effect makes this filter well suited for portrait photography, as it softens skin texture and reduces the appearance of blemishes on the face or skin. It is also useful when shooting cityscapes and in landscape photography, adding glowing effects to strong light and creating a dreamlike atmosphere.

Key Features
  • Adds Soft Mist to Entire Image
  • Softens Skin Tones and Reduces Blemishes
  • Creates a Dreamlike Atmosphere
  • 1x Filter Factor / 0-Stop
  • Aluminum Filter Ring
In the Box
  • NiSi Allure Soft White Filter | 77mm
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty