NiSi 77mm Circular Black Mist 1/8


The Black Mist Filter 1/8 from NiSi is a classic style diffusion filter for lenses with a 77mm filter thread. Inspired by the popular cinema range "Allure Mist Black" and recreated as a circular filter. Compatible with both still imaging or video, a Black Mist filter lowers contrast by suppressing and diffusing highlights and lifting shadows to help balance the tonal range of the image. It creates a cinematic look and is also commonly used to soften wrinkles, blemishes and creates a flattering image of a subject. The effect is most effective when capturing light that diffuses softly when backlit, creating a transparent light that looks like it was taken with a high-quality vintage lens.

Key Features
  • 1/8 Diffusion Filter
  • Reduces Highlights and Lowers Contrast
  • Creates Cinematic Look
  • Softens Wrinkles and Blemishes
  • Nano Resistance Coating
  • Optical Glass
  • Brass Filter Ring
In the Box
  • NiSi 77mm Circular Black Mist 1/8
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty