Promaster Dovetail QR Panning Clamp | 360º


The Dovetail QR Panning Clamp adds a 360˚ upper panning ability to a tripod head, and fits ProMaster tripods, heads, and gimbals that use the Dovetail Mounting System, as well as other Arca-type products. There are two ways of attaching the Dovetail QR Panning Clamp to a tripod head. It has a dovetail plate attached to its base which allows it to connect to any Arca-type receiver. Alternatively, the dovetail base can be removed; exposing a 3/8”-16 threaded port for mounting. A camera or lens can be attached to the Dovetail QR Panning Clamp with the included 70mm Dovetail Quick Release Plate (1795). The clamp also accepts L-Brackets, other Arca-type QR plates, and the lens foot of many lenses; such as the one found on the Tamron 150-600mm G2.

Key Features
  • Two removable safety bolts in the Quick Release Plate prevent the plate from sliding out of the clamp.
  • Anti-twist soft pads on top of the plate help them to stay in place once mounted to a camera or lens.
  • Three bubble levels (two line levels and one bullseye level).
  • Etched scales on the panning base, QR receiver, and QR plate allow for precise movements and repeatable setups.
  • Clamp Dimensions: 32 mm high (with dovetail base plate installed) x 101 mm long (including QR knob). Diameter of panning clamp not including QR or panning knobs is 60 mm.
  • Clamp Weight: 7 5/8 oz / 217 g (with dovetail base plate installed)
  • QR Plate Dimensions: 70 mm long x 38 mm wide
  • QR Plate Weight: 1 3/4 oz / 50 g
In the Box
  • Promaster Dovetail QR Panning Clamp | 360º