Promaster Deluxe Soft Shutter Button | Black/Black


The ProMaster Deluxe Soft Shutter Release Button dampens vibrations when pressing your camera's shutter button and provides a soft, comfortable touch. By elevating the height of your shutter button it becomes easier and quicker to find. The knurled outer circumference makes it easier to attach and detach the button from your camera, while the soft, textured center provides a luxurious look and feel. An O-ring is included to keep the Soft Release Button securely in-place on your camera without binding. A second, spare O-ring is also included. This button works with cameras having a standard/traditional type, mechanical cable release thread within their shutter button. 

Key Features
  • Dampens Vibrations on the Shutter Button
  • Provides a Soft, Comfortable Touch
  • Elevates the Height of the Shutter Button
  • Knurled Outer Circumference
  • Soft, Textured Center
  • Luxurious Look and Feel
In the Box
  • Promaster Deluxe Soft Shutter Button | Black/Black
  • spare o-ring