Promaster Ultrasoft 68B LED Light | Bi-Color 6"x8"


The ProMaster Ultrasoft 68B LED Light is a sophisticated light for professional results on or off camera. It produces extremely soft, pleasing illumination without the need for additional modifiers. With it you can create flattering portraits and beautiful video, and it’s a terrific tool for macro photography. The Bi-Color design lets you to change the color temperature of light from warm to cool in fine increments. Use it to match the color of other, surrounding light or create a special warm or cool glow in your photos and video footage. A remote control is included for wireless operation. With the included AC adapter and battery, you can use the 68B just about anywhere.

Key Features
  • LEDsOutput Power: 550 lux at 3' / 1mLuminous
  • Adjustment: 10 - 100Color Temperature: 3200K - 5600K +/-200KColor
  • Accuracy: CRI 95+
  • Power: AC 100 - 240 V 50 - 60 HzBattery NP-F type
In the Box
  • Promaster Ultrasoft 68B LED Light | Bi-Color 6"x8"
  • 1 Ultrasoft 68B Light panel
  • 1 Cold foot for camera-top mounting
  • 1 Light stand adapter
  • 1 Wireless remote control (1706)
  • 1 Rechargeable battery
  • 1 Battery charger
  • 1 AC power adapter
  • 2 AAA batteries for remote
  • 1 Storage case