Promaster Battery & Charger Kit for Canon LP-E6NH


The ProMaster Battery & Charger Kit is a terrific companion for ensuring you always have plenty of power for your camera. It includes a Dually charger, an AC adapter, and a high-quality lithium-ion battery for use in cameras that accept the Canon LP-E6NH. The Dually charger can be connected directly to a USB-A port (2.2A min), opening a world of possibilities for where and when you can charge your batteries including: at home, in a car, while traveling, and more. You can use the Dually charger with the included AC adapter and a common household outlet or from any USB-A power source providing a minimum of 2.2A, such as a power bank, phone charger, laptop, etc. Because the Dually can charge two batteries simultaneously, it is a convenient way of keeping the included battery charged along with the battery that came with your camera. Of course, it can charge one battery at a time when needed. For your convenience, the Dually is smaller than most single-slot battery chargers!

Key Features
  • Dually Charger can charge two batteries at once
  • Works with any USB-A port providing 2.2A or higher.
  • The included AC adapter is convenient for use with a common household outlet.
  • USB-A cable stores in the base of the charger
  • Lightweight and portable, this kit is excellent for travel.
In the Box
  • Promaster Battery & Charger Kit for Canon LP-E6NH