Promaster XC-M All Terrain Feet


ProMaster X-CM All Terrain Feet are a serious upgrade for any XC-M tripod. Once the standard feet are removed (simply pull them off the bottom of each XC-M leg while applying a little bit of wiggle action) you can install the stainless-steel spikes into the threaded port found at the bottom of each XC-M leg. An included wrench will help you to tighten the spikes in place. These spikes are great for solid footing on ice, dirt, grass, and more. But what if you find your XC-M's legs sinking into soft ground like sand or snow? Never fear! Just attach the sand/snow baskets directly to the spikes for excellent stability on soft ground. Finally, 3 soft tips are included with this kit for use on delicate surfaces such as wood floors. The soft tips push onto the spikes and can be applied either with or without the sand/snow baskets in installed. This kit is truly one of the most versatile accessories for using your tripod on any kind of terrain. It is designed for ProMaster XC-M 522, XC-M 525, and XC-M 528 aluminum and carbon fiber tripods.

Key Features
  • Weight of 1, fully assembled foot: 42 grams
  • Weight of 1 spike only: 24 grams
  • Weight of 1 sand / snow basket only: 8 grams
  • Weight of 1 soft tip only: 10 grams
In the Box
  • Promaster XC-M All Terrain Feet