Promaster XC-M 525 Ground Level Adapter | Aluminum


The ProMaster 3531 Ground Level Adapter is a great accessory for getting an XC-M 525 or XC-M 528 tripod lower and closer to the ground for macro photography and a unique perspective. Start by extending the upper stage of your XC-M's 2-stage center column. Unscrew the upper portion of the column (including the head) from the rest of the column. Now remove the weight hook and slide the lower part of the column completely out of the tripod. Replace it with the 3531 ground level adapter and insert the upper stage of the column into the 3531 adapter. Voila! In less than 30 seconds you have converted your XC-M into a lowerider! You can now achieve a stable position as low as just 6 1/4" / 15.88 cm. The Ground Level Adapter can also accept the XC-M's weight hook Just screw it into the bottom of the adapter and use it to add additional weight and stability to your XC-M 525 or XC-M 528.

Key Features
  • Works with ProMaster XC-M 525/528 aluminum and XC-M 525/528 carbon fiber tripods
  • Compatible with the XC-M 525/528 retractable weight hook
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Achieves a minimum working height of just 6 1/4" / 15.88 cm
In the Box
  • Promaster XC-M 525 Ground Level Adapter | Aluminum