Promaster Professional Cine Bag | Medium


ProMaster Cine Bags hold cameras and lenses of all shapes and sizes along with the accessories you need for a successful shoot. The main interior compartment is extremely customizable using a generous variety of dividers from small to large / skinny to long. Pouches, compartments, and straps for accessories surround the bag, so there's a spot for each important item. This Cine Bag is constructed of professional-grade materials and hardware. Its semi-rigid, padded design holds its shape and keeps your gear well protected. You'll be amazed at just how much equipment you can carry in a ProMaster Cine Bag!

Key Features
  • Semi-rigid internal structure. Professional grade zippers. Padded shoulder strap included.
  • Soft padding absorbs bumps and shock.
  • The interior is incredibly customizable and can accommodate multiple cameras and lenses.
  • Loads of pockets, zippered compartments, and straps can accommodate large, small, or awkwardly sized accessories.
  • Includes a rain cover for extra protection.
In the Box
  • Promaster Professional Cine Bag | Medium