Promaster LS-RF 6 1/2' Light Stand


The ProMaster LS-RF Reverse Folding Light Stand's legs fold 180 degrees to be as compact as possible with not in use. These legs also have independently adjustable angles allowing you to choose the best position for each on any terrain. This makes the LS-RF well-suited to stand tall outdoors. By hanging some weight from the stand's retractable weight hook you can enhance its overall stability. Flip locks make it fast and easy to extend or retract the 4-stage center column and achieve optimal height. A the top of this column is a common 5/8" mounting stud with 1/4"-20 threaded post for connecting a wide variety of lights and accessories. At just under 2 lbs and less than 20" folded, the LS-RF is ready to travel to remote locations without being a burden. Its maximum height reaches 79". The legs and main column are made with a thin-wall, lightweight, high strength aluminum alloy.

Key Features
  • Compact (under 20" fully folded)
  • Transverse 180-degree folding legs
  • Independently adjustable leg angles tame the terrain with 3 angle positions per leg
  • Flip locks for quick height adjustment
  • Built-in retractable weight hook lets you add weight for more stability
In the Box
  • Promaster LS-RF 6 1/2' Light Stand