Rode Lavalier Microphone

The RØDE Lavalier Microphone is a quality lavalier with an omnidirectional polar pattern and condenser element well suited for general speech pickup in sermons, presentations, instruction, interviews, etc. The microphone's cable terminates in a proprietary MiCon connection that allows you to select from a number of optional adapters. This makes it usable with virtually any wireless bodypack transmitter. The microphone ships in a protective storage case and includes a waterproof pop-filter, wind-muff, and clip.

  • Clear audio and low handling noise.

  • Included water resistant pop filter and mini-furry for high wind protection.

  • Rugged and secure protection for the microphone, cables and accessories.

  • MiCon connector system provides seamless integration between all of RØDE's compact wearable microphones and a wide range of wireless systems.